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We are indulged in offering our customers with the best quality of Solar Tracking System which is a specific device intended to move the PV modules in such a way that they continuously face the sun with the aim of receiving maximum radiation by PV array. This means that a solar tracker is designed in such a way that the angle between the sunlight and the solar panel(s) is maintained around 90 degrees at all the times. The Solar Panels installed are used to convert the light energy into electrical energy. Further the power generated from this process is then stored in a lead acid battery. The necessities of the Solar Tracking System, rooftop solar plant, solar power conditioning unit are to increase the Solar panel output, max. efficiency of the solar panel, and able to grab the energy throughout the day.

For the most part, in view of the tracking capability, there are two sorts of solar trackers, Single Axis Solar Tracker and Dual Axis Solar Tracker. As you may realize that the sun travels through the horizon in two distinct ways, one is its development from East to West as the day progressed, is called as Zenithal Angle and the other is from East to North or South that occurs as the year progressed, likewise called Azimuthal Angle. A solar tracking system is composed of three well-differentiated components: the mechanism, the driving motors, and the tracking controller. The utilization efficiency and economics of solar energy can be significantly improved when low-cost solar tracking systems become available for commercial application.