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Grace as a solar EPC service provider continually strives to offer most efficient customized solution to the clients and the introduced Merlin Flexible Module is best example of that. Merlin flexible modules are designed to maximize the use of solar panel on irregular roofs without hassle. These modules can be curved up to 25-30 degrees and can be installed and mounted easily on any surface, which has made it a versatile installation alternative for tent, boat, cabin, RV, dome shape industrial shed.

Merlin Flexible Module

Merlin Flexible Panel Are :

Easy to install with the adhesive or grommet and Pre drilled holes on the panel aids fast mounting.

The junction box is thoroughly sealed and water shielded, It can be curved up to 30 degree arch

Most versatile alternative for irregular surfaces like dome shed, boat, cabin, tent, yacht, etc

4. The efficiency of this solar panel is up to 25%

At the core of Merlin’s patented technology is an innovative pair of metal grids that serve as intra-cell and inter-cell interconnects. By addressing fundamentally mono silicon cell micro-cracking and tiredness induced inter-cell interconnect failure, Merlin has enabled omnipresent deployment of solar in the most challenging of applications. Simply put, Merlin has extricated mono silicon cells from a coffin of glass & aluminum, enabling our customers to implement solutions that were previously considered impossible. Merlin’s glass & ETFE panels have the proven performance and reliability of mono- crystalline silicon technology together with the advantages of being flexible, light weight, and enable peel & stick deployments.