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Grace Solar associated with manufacturing poly crystalline solar panel of ADANI SOLAR with a firm commitment to quality. Polycrystalline solar cells efficiency is always resulting in a solar panel efficiency of 13-16%.

Polycrystalline solar panels have blue-colored cells made of multiple silicon crystals melted together. These panels are often a bit less efficient, but are more affordable. Polycrystalline solar panels generally have lower efficiencies than monocrystalline cell options because there are many more crystals in each cell have freedom for the electrons to move. Due to the easier manufacturer process, these panels have a lower price and point on average cost. In addition, polycrystalline solar panels tend to have a blue color because of multiple silicon cells, instead of the black hue of monocrystalline solar panels.

Available stocks of POLY ADANI SOLAR in 325-340 WP ranges.