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Grace, a solar EPC service provider company believes in advancement with the time, now has come with a bifacial solar panel, a new innovation emerging in the rooftop solar industry, which claims to amplify the solar power generation as compared to traditional solar panels. The ingenious Bifacial module is designed to capture solar energy from both sides that is harvesting almost 30% more power at a time, while installing on a highly reflective surface (TPO roof / ground with light colored stone), making it ideal for the project site with the high albedo (deserts with sand, white roofs, gravel).

Bifacial solar modules are designed and developed in strict adherence to the international quality standards that promises for the efficient and unfailing performance even under the harsh environments.

We are based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, provide a complete EPC solution with the desired type of solar panel available with us in India as well as foreign countries at the best price; we already have undertaken multiple solar EPC projects in different countries and envision expanding the same. 

Bifacial Solar Panel

Major Benefits of Bifacial Solar Panel:

  • Bifacial solar modules generate more power over traditional ones
  • Increase production at merely high installation cost that ultimately reduce the levelized cost of energy
  • Gives better performance for the project sites having a high reflection ratio, e.g. desserts, white roofs, gravel
  • Synergy between rear facing exposure and improved ventilation
  • Aesthetic Interest