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Grace Solar associated with manufacturing bi-facial solar panel of ADANI SOLAR with a firm commitment to quality.

Bi facial solar modules has many advantages in compare to traditional solar panels. Power can be generate from both sides of a bi facial module, that increases total energy generation. They are often more durable because both sides are UV resistant, and potential-induced degradation (PID) concerns are reduced when the bifacial module is frame less. Balance of system (BOS) costs are also reduced when more power can be produced from bifacial panels in a smaller array footprint.

The bifacial solar cell efficiency can be as high as 27% When bifacial modules are installed on a highly reflective surface (like a white TPO roof or on the ground with light-colored stones), some bifacial module manufacturers claim up to a 25-30% increase in production just from the extra energy produced from the rear.

Bifacial modules come in many designs :

1.Some are framed while others are frame less.

2.Some are dual-glass, and others use clear back sheets.

Maximum use monocrystalline cells, but there are polycrystalline designs. The one thing that is constant is that power is produced from both sides. True bifacial modules have contacts/bus bars on both the front and back sides of their cells.

Bifacial Solar Panel

Major Benefits of Bifacial Solar Panel:

  • Bifacial solar modules generate more power over traditional ones
  • Increase production at merely high installation cost that ultimately reduce the levelized cost of energy
  • Gives better performance for the project sites having a high reflection ratio, e.g. desserts, white roofs, gravel
  • Synergy between rear facing exposure and improved ventilation
  • Aesthetic Interest