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Grace Solar associated with manufacturing mono PERC solar panel of ADANI SOLAR with a firm commitment to quality.

MONO PERC technology has, 60 cell module power output: 295 – 315 Wp | 72 cell module power output: 365 – 390 Wp | Modules with low temperature coefficient, high filling factor, excellent dim light irradiance performance | 10% higher power output as compared to average poly-crystalline module | Higher performance at longer wavelengths of light.

Merlin Flexible Module

Higher Efficiency:

365WP Modules with 7% higher energy output than Industry Average of 325Wp Polycrystalline module.

Higher Energy:

Higher specific Energy Yield (Kwh/Kwp) due to superior cell and module engineering leading to Lower LCOE. Best suited for Utility Scale Power Plants.

Fully Automated:

Manufactured on 100% automated line; using state-of-the-art module manufacturing technology.