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Grace Solar associated with manufacturing mono crystalline solar panel of ADANI SOLAR with a firm commitment to quality. A monocrystalline PV panel is a premium energy-producing panel consisting of smaller monocrystalline solar cells (60 to 72 cells).Their superior aesthetics and efficiency make them the preferred choice for intelligent solar thinkers investing in the long term. These solar cells appear smooth, and each silicon ingot is sliced into thin wafer formats to fit into the panel perfectly. Monocrystalline solar cells’ average efficiency is always higher (range 15-25 %), resulting in a solar panel efficiency of 22%. Lifespan of these cells is around 25 to 30 years and, as well as for all photovoltaic cells, the output degrades somewhat over the years. Color Monocrystalline solar panels is black & cells made of single silicon crystals melted together. These panels are most efficient as compared to Polycrystalline Panel, but are more Costly as compared to Poly Panels.

Available stocks of MONO ADANI SOLAR in 525-540 WP ranges.