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After the installation of the Solar Panel there is no use of relying on a utility company to reduce the electricity bill by up to 50% per month. When your home is installed with solar panels, energy from the sun light will be used to power the electricity only when the sun is not present such as during thunderstorms or at night. In these cases, regular electricity provided through your local utility company will be used as a backup. But remember, using power from the sun is free—so you will just have to pay for the electricity you use when the sun’s not out.

  • Turn off unnecessary lights and using of natural light during the day time.
  • Taking Shorter Shower by using the heater for hot waters and close the taps tightly as there is no water leakage.
  • Unplug all the unnecessary electronic items that are not in use.
  • Unplug the main switch of the electricity when away from home.
  • Set the refrigerator at ideal temperature and avoid the regular opening and closing of the refrigerator as it consume huge amount of electricity.
  • Run the AC at the temperature nearly 25°C instead of 19°C.