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Now a day the electricity is becoming expensive with every momentary day and supplementary people are getting involved in using solar energy to gather their electricity needs. When there is Power cuts and dependence on DG sets, subsequently it makes the people look for other offers and better sources. We are engaged in offering Solar Panel with a very good alternative. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India is also promoting Solar PV systems under the Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission in the country. Our government is even providing a subsidy to people for buying solar panels under this scheme.

As per the research on e-commerce sites selling solar PV and resources from the solar PV industry, cost of a PV module just the panel costs somewhere between Rs 30 to Rs 50 per watt of power generated which depends on the quantity. The modules having higher watt power capacity are cheaper compared to modules having lower watt power capacity. Our Solar Panels provided prices are comparatively similar to the imported Solar Panels.

In India, electricity from solar is now cheaper compared to that of fuel based generators. The panel costs are now cheaper to what they were in 2008. This makes them a lucrative option for many people in developing countries. Solar electricity is environmental but the fuel based electricity making leads to many health harms because some harmful gases. The one time investment for solar panels will get ongoing benefit to us.

Costing For Home Solar Panel