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As hot summer season is here, you might think of installing the air conditioner as the weather condition worsen with rising global warming and increasing level of air pollution. Now a day air conditioners have turned out to be ordinary thing at residences, schools as well as offices and other commercial establishments. The increased use of air conditioners have led to high electricity bills as this appliance run on high voltage and people are looking at ways to reduce their power cost. Solar air conditioning refers to any air conditioning (cooling) system that uses solar power. Solar Air Conditioners are the new solar cooling technology which is not only energy competent but also gainful mainly in homes, it is the only way to keep your bill costs low exclusive of without give up your comfort. Solar AC is a system that uses the power of Sun to aid a high efficiency compressor to decrease energy use. Solar AC has Low maintenance frequency and Save electricity consumption as comparison to normal AC.

Now without any hesitation you can run the AC during the summer day time from morning 9am to 5pm. For the same utilization you need to install 6 x 250w panels and an inverter and a small backup of battery to run your lights and fan during the night.

Solar Air Conditioning