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Are you looking for the most High Efficiency Solar Panels for your Solar system, the foremost thing to know is to compare the efficiency metrics for different brand which is well known as leading manufacturer of Solar Panel. High Efficiency Solar Panels is one kind of useful metric used to determine how much power a solar panel produces compared to other products. Solar Panel Efficiency is a measure of the amount of sunlight irradiation which falls on the surface of a solar panel and is converted into electricity. With the advancement in manufacturing the Photovoltaic technology over recent years, the average panel conversion efficiency has increased from 15% to well over 20%. This large jump in efficiency resulted in the power rating of a standard size panel to increase from 250W up to 370W. Total Panel efficiency is measured under standard test conditions (STC), based on a cell temperature of 25°C, solar irradiance of 1000W/m2 and Air Mass of 1.5. The efficiency (%) of a panel is calculated by the maximum power rating (W) at STC, divided by the total panel area in meters.

High Efficiency Solar Panels