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Are we concerned about climate changes ?

In today's world the biggest problem is carbon emission in process of power generation by fossil fuel. And Renewable energy is one of the problem solver to help in reducing carbon emission to provide a green and healthy environment .

There are several forms of renewable energy, and solar power is effective and economic.

In terms of environmental impact, solar power is a much more optimal maintenance free resource than fossil fuels. The ultimate way to compare solar energy to fossil fuels is by cost, where solar has quickly caught up with its non-renewable counterparts.

In terms of cost, solar power cost effective than coal and other fossil fuels? Comparing the cost of various energy sources is far from simple. Government subsidies play a major role in shaping the growth potential for a new power source.

In terms of availability sunlight is readily available than Coal or fossil fuels (mining extracting transporting fuels are time consuming and expensive ).

In terms of long time, as long as sun exist, we can use solar energy i.e. coals are limited and solar are limitless.

Do you know?
Annual power purchase cost of coal was 1.38 times higher than solar energy.

So Say….. ’NO’ To Coal ! & ‘YES’ To Solar !

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